The Science of Craft Beer and Wings

1 May 2021

Did you know that the expanding craft beer industry in New Zealand can add $1.6 billion to our economy? It’s no surprise that more people than ever before are discovering the unique flavour profiles that come with this type of beer. If you want a combination that’s made in heaven, then...

Dog-friendly bar in Queenstown

26 April 2021

Keep Your Dog Well Socialized in Beech Tree We all love our dogs and we hate to see them stuck at home all day. Bars that are dog-friendly allow us to bring our best friends along so they can socialize with other humans and dogs. Dogs get lonely too. In fact, dogs...

A Newcomer’s Guide Craft Beer

16 April 2020

Did you know that New Zealand is the country with the most breweries per capita in the world? Beer is, in fact, one of the most popular drinks in the country – if not the most popular one – and, if you know anything about this refreshing beverage, you’re probably familiar with...